Spain Viewing Trips

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Are you planning to buy a home in Spain?

Then maybe one of our viewing tours can be something for you.

Our sightseeing tours start before the actual journey begins. Our office in Halden will take a review to map out their desires for a home in Spain. It will also be briefed on how the actual the buying process works, how the bidding process is, the difference between used and new home, financing, etc.…

There is quite a lot to take into account, and areas, housing types, and other criteria that may be relevant. The differences in the areas of the region we cover are very different qualities, and different price levels, so this is an important part of the process.

If you pose well prepared, and settling a little into the areas in advance, makes it easier for us to find it perfect home when you come down to Spain.

real estate in alicante

In good time before departure, you will be contacted by our office in Spain, so you know who is picking up you at the airport. This will always be one of our employees, who speaks Norwegian, English and Spanish.

This will be their contact person during your stay and he / she will do his / her best for that the stay should live up to expectations. He / she will be available when needed even after graduation viewing day, if there is a need for an interpreter or help with other things that may arise.

We can help book airline tickets, but do not cover the actual trip up and down. You will be picked up the airport, and choose how much guidance / guidance you want during your stay.

We cover 3 nights in a hotel and all transport in connection with the views, but all meals must you pay yourself. The days can be quite long and tiring, and we have an agreement with a hotel in Alicante center, strategically located between our office and the cozy old town in the center.

On the days of viewings, we place as much emphasis on the area as on the home itself. In our opinion you can renovate a home, but the neighborhood is far more difficult to deal with. We take our time, and having lunch in relevant areas is an important and very pleasant part of the process.

real estate agents costa blanca

We emphasize that our viewing trips should be completely without buying pressure, and will under no circumstances circumstance try to lay down guidelines on what to do. We live by satisfied customers, and our experience is that a satisfied customer in very many cases recommends us to family, friends, and acquaintances.

A tour is not a holiday trip, but it should be a pleasant experience. We do our best to help you find the right home, and expect you to also be healthy and fast in the mornings, ready to push us in the right direction.

We are not locked into a small geographical area, have no special agreement with some developers, or have any ownership interest in some of the homes we show. For that reason, you can be sure that we will show EVERYTHING that is available, provided it is within the criteria you have set. We cover the entire Costa Blanca, and are locally known all the way from Valencia down to Almeria.

We have access to everything that is available from new buildings in the Costa Blanca, and 99% of what is sold by second-hand homes. If a home is advertised via another broker / portal, just get in touch with us, then we can in them The vast majority of cases arrange viewing at the residence. If this sounds interesting, contact our office in Halden and we will help you get started.

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