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We became acquainted with CB Eiendom and Rudi Fremstad in 2020. At that time, we had considered buying a home in Spain for many years, but did not quite know how to proceed. We have always been very clear on where we wanted the apartment, even quite specific on which address. But the times we have contacted real estate companies, we have experienced it all as so complicated that we have left it all alone. This was until we came in contact with CB Eiendom.

We started the operation in December 2021 when we had also gotten to know Anders Langli, and we took over the apartment at the end of February 2022. What previously seemed difficult and somewhat insecure, became clear, uncomplicated and safe with Rudi and Anders. The process has been handled by them, but without any doubt that it has been controlled by us. This has been a crucial security, and it is precisely because of this security that we have now gone from having had a long-standing idea to actually becoming owners of our own apartment in Spain.

Tom Mangersnes

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