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With Anders at Costa Blanca Eiendom, you get a broker who both gives good professional advice, but who also dares to ask you as a customer the right questions. From the first contact, Anders has followed us up as home buyers. He is available and present in a way one would not expect from a broker. His experience over many years in the industry provides security and knowledge. Anders is a broker who is genuinely concerned with finding the right home for the client. His experience and personality make him dare to ask the important questions that many other brokers avoid, but the questions are important for a home purchase abroad to be right. In the purchase process, you are followed up and put into different rules and systems for taking over housing in Spain. Costa Blanca Eiendom also works with skilled lawyers who aim for your rights in the process. With Anders, you get a broker who shows up even after the house purchase has been made. After a house purchase, many questions arise and Anders is a good advisor in many areas far beyond what you can expect from a broker. Anders and Costa Blanca Eiendom's work capacity and commitment means that we will wholeheartedly give them our warmest recommendations whether you are buying or selling a home on the Costa Blanca.

Ole Henrik Grønn og Bjørn Preben Anfinsen-Risæ

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