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One Friday night we came across an article in Halden Arbeiderblad that wrote about a new business in Halden that provided housing in Spain.
We got in touch that day and after a short time Rudi got in touch from the office. This was long after normal opening hours so I was actually a little shocked.

We then immediately arranged a meeting at the office which we held the following Thursday. The meeting was about our preferences and what we could actually buy for our budget.

There was a tour of one of us the following week and this was a great experience and a good entrance to actually shopping in Spain. The trip was hectic and there were many impressions to be digested when I returned to the hotel.
When I went home, we had not made a decision to buy, and no pressure was exerted to complete a trade. It was absolutely crucial that a few days after returning home, we booked the apartment that suited us best.

After the purchase, we have received invaluable help to get the papers in order. We also benefit from their portfolio of services. Which also makes it easier to actually be able to adapt and equip the apartment according to our wishes

Sylvi Kristin Holt og Fredrik André Johnsen

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